Wednesday, September 12, 2012


No one accepts them.  She tried to find her heart, but in finding it she lost a home. She stands in the place in-between, wondering which way to stride. Should she pursue her heart, to be eternally rejected by those she loves, or should she pursue comfort and safety, but lose the butterflies that have made her soul warm?
         Pacing on the fence-line, she sees the moon and the sun at once. They stand on either side of each other, perfect opposites. Moon. It has a sirens call. His music wraps around her and her heart dances. Her soul dances, but the Moon, sovereign of the night, brings fear. Darkness is his kingdom and in it she wanders aimlessly. Sun. The rays of light are all encompassing. They touch every part of her, yet cannot make her completely warm. The light guides her, and she can see with such clarity. There is no fear in the light. He brings all hope and joy to mind, but not butterflies. The butterflies She remembers only flutter when the moon shines the brightest.

                Her footfalls dance on the edge of decision. Time passes without notice. In the hour of the Sun and Moon, She will stand until the wind pushes her heart and the earth causes her footing to lose hold on her precarious perch. She continues to dance, forever on the edge of decision.

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